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ZOMG. I have the best girlfriend/partner/fiancee and friends EBAR.

Between a specially-written short story (mine! hee), handmade jewelry to match my favorite dress, a bottle of Port, a card signed by everyone in the office and their mama (well, nearly!), and money (ye gods. You KNOW you're special when people scrape together MONEY for you), this day has made me feel really special and then some.

Plus, the rose I snipped from my garden (Marilyn Munroe) opened up full today, as I saw when I got in to work. It's a bit past the high-centered bloom shown in those pics - the inner petals are opening up to show a bit of stamen, and the peach color is darkening - but it's really something.

And the day isn't over yet! *cloud 9*
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So far, yes, I am still alive, which means I have (again - so far) survived my birthday. And I managed without descending 12 flights of stairs during today's fire drill (let's hear it for high-tailing it to the ground floor before the damn thing starts).

I'm just... tired. I guess I thought all the insane rushing-around and panicking was over with once we did the marriage, but this week proved that wrong. I would like to think that all the insanity is over with, because the only thing that's left after the AOS is the change from permanent resident to citizen, but I thought all the insanity was done for a while ago. I was wrong then, so I am too cautious to think that I am right this time.

This evening mood drop is getting really annoying.

On the plus side, I've gotten Hippo Birdies email from people all across the firm today, phone calls from both my mates, a fresh Nutella & strawberry crepe, an art supply baggie, a butterfly necklace, green tea & ginger hand soap, several hilarious cards, a big box from my mom and Sly Cooper 3. Despite the fantastic hassle of the last two days, it does make one feel surprisingly appreciated by the universe at large. I never expect anything for my birthday, that way I am always pleasently surprised; but this year's been particularly nice due to, if nothing else, comparison with the past month.

Well, petting the calico kitten in Bay Cities quarantine last night helped too.


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