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If that fucking workman damaged any of my fucking plants by hauling them off the fucking yard and ripping the fucking vines away from their supports so he could stack them against our fucking window to hoe up the fucking yard and put fuck knows what all equipment into the ground, the landlord's going to have some fucking explaining to do.

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Exhibit A

If someone points out that you are being an "attention whore" (as suggested in the original post by [ profile] ironbadger), responding with the insult "dog fucker" is, as a matter of fact, just proving their point. I mean, wow. I couldn't have possibly made them out to be any more of an idiot than they just demonstrated.

That's an early Christmas present for you, it really is. The evident and supreme idiocy of a flamer handed to you on a silver platter. What's next, a kitten? Chocolates?
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I'd like my uterus to stop now plzkthx.

In other news, it seems what I was worried about in my last post hasn't spread very far at all. (Either that, or people who have heard the mistruths in question aren't reading my journal. Entirely possible.) I still have some Things to clear up with someone I believed to be my friend, and I hope that belief will be upheld, but at least I don't need to run around thwapping noses with newspapers. :)
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If anyone has heard anything unfavorable regarding the union of [ profile] sardonicus and [ profile] otana, and/or about me in relation to them, could you please let one of us know?

The possibility that opinions about our choices may have been formed by mistruths & ill-wishings is genuinely painful. If you care enough to think one way or the other about us, please care enough to speak to us & at the very least make up your own mind.

I will screen comments for this post to maintain confidentiality.

Above all, I want to find out if rumors have been spread, because we cannot counter them if we do not know about them. Please at least afford us this courtesy.

Thank you.
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Warning - this is harsh. Do not say I didn't warn you. )

Left public because, god knows, there's just not not enough drama on the Internet. 


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