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RIP Comet, the goldfish, last holdover of [ profile] tesstheredpony.

Um... anyone want a 10G fishtank? Stand, filter, light, maybe a book or two included...
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Saw Dad yesterday

Acquired dojo loaches and zebra danios

Somewhere between flabbergasted and enraged regarding the state of things pre-Katrina (you read that right, PRE, not post, because exactly how many warnings do nature and scientists have to give before people listen, or do hundreds always have to suffer and die before we wake up to do something about it?)

Being very reclusive socially (not even roleplaying)

We need more bookshelves

M* license obtained

Trying *cough* brownies for the first time ever tonight

Aaaaand that's all, folks
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Oh god dammit.

That's a lot of dead fish.

I do feel incredibly guilty, but I did see this coming. So I am not as upset as I would be if this was a complete surprise.

... I still have the snail and Comet and the algae eater though...

... Dammit. Butch was the star of the tank! Without him, it's just a normal goldfish tank!

Well, I am happy that [ profile] otana got to see him. His sheer size and the magnificence of his presence can not be believed unless in person. Um, make that past tense...

All shall mourn his passing, for his eyes were the size of grapes.

Damn fish

Jul. 9th, 2005 08:16 pm
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I'd noticed Butch had not been eating properly for a while... he seemed to get better, perked up a bit... then was lethargic again... aaaaand now he just scared the crap out of me by floating belly-up. But, he IS alive, just very unhappy looking. I righted him, and he held it for a while, but then went back to normal.

The fish book says it's a swim bladder problem (related to diet), so I should change what he's eating... live or frozen foods.

Hoo boy. I hope he makes it through... he's a REALLY cool fish and I'd feel horrendously guilty towards [ profile] tesstheredpony if he died.

EDIT: He's right side up YAY!!!!


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