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I'm at the point where I haven't updated LJ so long, it's impossible to catch up.

Good things are happening at work - Boss from Hell is leaving, Boss of the Golden Age of the Department is taking over. Bright new software program on the horizon.

Otana got her green card today. ^____^ We celebrated with Indian food. There was a time when you couldn't have gotten me to try Indian food with a herd of wild horses; well, Otana made it at home and showed me it didn't have to be spicy, and when it's NOT spicy I enjoy it! It still has been a little spicy in restaurants, but the mint yogurt drink cuts that easily.

Speaking of food, Devil's food cake and carrot cake are among her recent accomplishments. Despite this, I seem to have lost weight... 6_6

Reorganization of the house progressing slowly but steadily. Big improvement getting rid of the oversized papasan chair. It was nothing but a gathering place for stuff, really.

Avon is going well, and has actually been a help financially. Now if only I can keep myself from ordering so many shinies that it negates the earnings...
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Real quick, who wants to attend/can make it to a wedding on Sunday?

I know because of short notice most family won't be able to come, but don't worry, I promise to give more warning before I get hitched. This is the legal wedding for [ profile] otana and [ profile] sardonicus.

Anyway speak now or hold your peace because we need to make sure the restaurant has enough room for us! Let me know (unless you have already told [ profile] otana, [ profile] sardonicus or [ profile] siodhchan) and I will furnish location, directions & time.
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Setup: Last night [ profile] janusjanice came over for a visit.  [ profile] otana and I had spent the very last of our moneys on ingredients to make tuna casserole (which totally had to be trashed... but I get ahead of myself).  He was grinding up (homemade!) croutons for the topping, I was spooning casserole into one dish, while [ profile] otana was prying the (normal) brownies out of the pan so that pan could be used for more casserole.  The pan had been buttered instead of oiled prior to the making of these brownies, so they were quite stuck in.

I didn't realize she was using a kitchen knife...

I get rather graphic about this retelling, so lj-cut for the queasy )

When they finally called her to get stitches, I shooed [ profile] sardonicus to go with her.  He's the fiance, you know?  I still think my reasoning was sound, but it's still hard knowing she panicked and I wasn't there.  I'd promised to stay with her and take care of her, and then I wasn't there.  But she reassures me it was a good decision, good reasoning, and she's glad he was there.  Of course if he hadn't gotten in I would have been there.  Anyway, all's well that ends well, the staff was brilliant and helped her through it.  I wasn't there, so I can't recount much more than that!

Afterwards, it was roughly 3am, we were all exhausted and absolutely starving.  So we went to the Norm's on Pico, where the waiter/manager/dude in uniform was absolutely awsome and there were waffles and french toast and hash browns and fruit.  Somehow we made it home, and bed (around 4am), and taking today off from work.

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Warning - this is harsh. Do not say I didn't warn you. )

Left public because, god knows, there's just not not enough drama on the Internet. 


Jul. 14th, 2005 10:31 am
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So, the past 6 days have been crazeh, in that happy-but-busy-but-so-happy-I-could-just-die-right-now way. Came home yesterday to [ profile] otana and [ profile] sardonicus watching The Eye. I reheated Japanese curry (which I can eat! Hurray!Amazing), sat down to watch it with them, hid behind my pillow and cried like a little girl during the elevator scene.

Then we watched Eight-Legged Freaks, I took a break to wash and condition my hair with Jojoba oil, [ profile] wolfwings emerged from hibernation in the bedroom and I pointed out the cutest spiders. (zomg DEADLY tarantula!) And then Wolf played Eternal mode in Katamari Damacy, showing Otana why everyone raves about this game like lunatics on 'shrooms.

And there was snuggling and talking and laughing in bed.

I could get used to this, yaknow? Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop, I admit. But I am deleriously happy, and I apologize to everyone whose emails I haven't answered, and my friends who haven't seen hide nor hair of me since Friday (not that me being reclusive is anything new). I'm just soaking this up right now, I figure after two years I just might deserve it.

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Just spoke to Otana! Immigration at her point of entry was no problem - "So when are you getting married?" Stamp, stamp - it was getting her luggage that took 2 hours. Oi!

Anywho, her connecting flight to LAX is scheduled to leave on time!



Jul. 5th, 2005 11:29 am
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A massive explosion will rock LAX.

It will not be terrorists. It will not be an earthquake. It will be composed of incoherent squealing and hugs. And perhaps indecent kisses.

All bystanders are advised to bring earplugs and insulin.


Jul. 4th, 2005 11:49 am
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Jan. 10th, 2003 02:53 pm
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Labor day weekend (August 29st - Sept 1st) I'll be at MFM in Memphis Tennessee so if you want to visit me at con instead of coming all the way to the west coast, that's an option... 'Course I do work most furry cons so I can't say how much time we'd have to just hang.

Thought it might be useful info anyway. ^_^


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