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Real quick, who wants to attend/can make it to a wedding on Sunday?

I know because of short notice most family won't be able to come, but don't worry, I promise to give more warning before I get hitched. This is the legal wedding for [ profile] otana and [ profile] sardonicus.

Anyway speak now or hold your peace because we need to make sure the restaurant has enough room for us! Let me know (unless you have already told [ profile] otana, [ profile] sardonicus or [ profile] siodhchan) and I will furnish location, directions & time.
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Setup: Last night [ profile] janusjanice came over for a visit.  [ profile] otana and I had spent the very last of our moneys on ingredients to make tuna casserole (which totally had to be trashed... but I get ahead of myself).  He was grinding up (homemade!) croutons for the topping, I was spooning casserole into one dish, while [ profile] otana was prying the (normal) brownies out of the pan so that pan could be used for more casserole.  The pan had been buttered instead of oiled prior to the making of these brownies, so they were quite stuck in.

I didn't realize she was using a kitchen knife...

I get rather graphic about this retelling, so lj-cut for the queasy )

When they finally called her to get stitches, I shooed [ profile] sardonicus to go with her.  He's the fiance, you know?  I still think my reasoning was sound, but it's still hard knowing she panicked and I wasn't there.  I'd promised to stay with her and take care of her, and then I wasn't there.  But she reassures me it was a good decision, good reasoning, and she's glad he was there.  Of course if he hadn't gotten in I would have been there.  Anyway, all's well that ends well, the staff was brilliant and helped her through it.  I wasn't there, so I can't recount much more than that!

Afterwards, it was roughly 3am, we were all exhausted and absolutely starving.  So we went to the Norm's on Pico, where the waiter/manager/dude in uniform was absolutely awsome and there were waffles and french toast and hash browns and fruit.  Somehow we made it home, and bed (around 4am), and taking today off from work.

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Warning - this is harsh. Do not say I didn't warn you. )

Left public because, god knows, there's just not not enough drama on the Internet. 


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